Uber and Lyft to exchange information on suspended drivers. Transports app services

Transport applications are trying to collaborate on information gathering on drivers. This is because of the rising cases of sexual violations. 

Uber and Lyft to collaborate on data sharing 

Uber and Lyft have agreed to share data about drivers suspended from their websites due to safety and sexual-related cases. Both firms said that the scheme will be given to a background check firm which will enhance the firm profile and reputation. 

They have also told any US firms willing to participate to signify interest. Lyft and Uber have faced huge challenges and legal issues over how they handle sexual abuse and other security issues min in 2018, there were more than 6,599 reports of sexual violations in America than in the three years before. The problems they say rose from more than three million rides as at that time. 

There have been several clashes with commissions in California over getting access to such reports which could make them be fined. It took Lyft sometimes before they could agree to publish such information due to privacy concerns. Lyft is also facing several legal issues from various ladies who claim they have suffered harm from their drivers.

The new data-sharing scheme is only available in the US 

After careful consideration, both companies responded to the measure by using vetting systems and emergency features on their apps. This new transport scheme which is only available in America for now will allow them to exchange information on rape cases and forced kissing. 

Scott Berkowitz who is the founder of NGOs, against rape and other sexually related cases has said that it would mean dangerous drivers won't be able to hide under privacy, and apprehending them will be easier. He commended both firms for this initiative and hopes there would be other schemes to expose rapist drivers in the future.

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