EU says zone is now LGBTQ free

The European Union bloc has said virtually all nations in its, one is LGBTQ free. This statement comes after some sections of Poland says they support gay. 

EU is now a full LGBTQ community 

The European Union has decided that the Europe zone has become LGBTQ-free after Poland decided to join their ranks. The parliament in the EU was passed after many indigenous officials in Poland tagged themselves LGBT-free in previous years.

Poland is planning to remove several gaps which could allow same-gender families to adopt. The authorities in Poland have said this policy to close adoption will be introduced soon. Same-gender relationships haven't been approved in Poland and the European nation has already suspended gay couples from adopting.

Furthermore, since single people can adopt, many people have been found to get around issues because they will register as a single individual. This new policy by the Polish government will allow relevant authorities to do a thorough vetting process on individuals applying for adoption in the country. If anyone is found to be transsexuals and applies for adoption, it becomes a criminal offense. 

Poland's government says no adoption for a transsexual couple 

Deputy minister of justice Michal Wojcik has said '' There is going to be some changes available as people of the same sex will be banned from taking adoption ''. The EU lawmakers have passed a resolution saying anyone living anywhere in the European Union should do as they feel and express their sexual preferences without condemnation from anybody.

They have also said that all governments should try to protect everyone in their jurisprudence despite differences in sex or race. However, the Polish authorities have always held a high line with gays and transsexuals, while people are free to be gay, adoption is heavily frowned upon.

While many poles have express satisfaction with the policy, the gay community has promised to challenge it.