What do I need to know about the online passenger location form to enter Italy?

For health reasons, the Italian government requires travellers to and from Italy to complete an online passenger location form. Would you also like to know more about this form for your trip? Read this article to find out more about the form.

What is the passenger location form?

The Passenger Tracking Form is a digital form that a passenger fills in online at least six hours before entering Italian territory. Passenger locator form is filled in by all tourists who wish to stay in Italy. This form is available to all online. After filling in and submitting the form online, you will receive the passenger location form in PDF format and a confirmation QR code via the email address presented during registration. This generated information should be on hand either as a copy or in your device to be presented at check-in before boarding. As a traveller, you are required to complete this form.

What is the purpose of this form?

The Passenger Tracking Form allows the various states, including the Italian government and health units, to track the journey, whether it is by plane, bus or boat. This form allows these competent authorities to be aware of the state of health of all passengers and to contact them if necessary. That said, this method would help prevent the spread of infectious diseases, specifically the coronavirus. It should be noted that the passenger location form is completed by an adult and if accompanied by a minor, he/she should mention this fact when completing the form. In the case of a minor only, the form must be filled in by a parent or guardian. This will enable the authorities to make an assessment of the under-18s as well. Moreover, filling in this form is of great importance for adults as well as for children.