What are the best must-try pretzels?

Pretzels are more than just the industrial cookies that are sold in the supermarket. They are salty bun shapes that are found in most countries. They are seen in the form of a knot with a few grains of salt on top. Then discover the best types of pretzels that will serve you at cocktail hour.

The basic back and sticks

The pretzels first tasted, are the most famous ones. You have first the basic twist you will find here. Indeed, the basic twist is the original appearance and the most basic type of pretzels. They can be dipped in peanut butter, melted chocolate, etc. You will find different brands that can increase your enjoyment of pretzels. In addition, we also distinguish in the category of famous pretzels, the pretzel sticks. These are usually salted. They are soft, brittle, easy to eat and crispy. They are very popular pretzels because of the various qualities they possess. You will certainly get your chemical-free pretzel sticks by targeting the supermarkets. There are even some for those who have symptoms of celiac disease. These kinds of pretzels are gluten-free and very popular.

Nuggets and large soft ones

The most popular types of pretzels are the pretzel nuggets. They are saltier, but crunchier. They obviously form nuggets as the name suggests. There are some nice salty, thick, crunchy ones that could be added to a good peanut butter filling. It's the perfect combination to deeply adore pretzels. Lastly, you will also see the large soft pretzels. These types of pretzels are soft and in high demand. You can consider baking them at home. Or if you prefer to buy them in town, you will find them in every corner because of their popularity. However, there are also in the categories of famous pretzels, chips and German pretzels that are also recommended to you.