US pentagon slams Fox host, Tucker Carlson over female soldier comment

The defense headquarters in the US, the Pentagon has blasted the presenter of Fox over his claims on female soldiers. Mr. Carlson's statement has gotten a huge reaction from senior security members. 

Pentagon blast Fox anchor over female soldier claims 

The security agency has rebuked the anchor of Fox News for making a mockery of female groups in the US military. Tucker is a very prominent TV host globally, and he made a cynical remark about female soldiers on Wednesday. However, the pentagon will have none of that, and their spokesperson John Kirby said they regarded such remarks as 'very demeaning and nasty and hoped he had a change of heart. 

Pentagon isn't the other defense outfit to rebuke Tucker as several veterans and security agencies have huge knocks for the flamboyant media man, saying he should respect the uniform. Mr. Tucker Carlson said on the program to malign 'maternity dress suits' and other recently released Army and airforce regulations.

'' Pregnant ladies are going to war, this makes a mockery of our military situations '' China is having one of the biggest militaries, and they have become very masculine, but our president says, “Our military needs to be more feminine, very sad”. 

Military personals say the statement is' unnecessary'

However, top military officers who reacted said the statement is uncalled-for and demanded a retraction. General Paul Fink who is head of training and command says,

"thousands of women serve the military well and should be respected". They are good soldiers and have great dedication to the nation. 

General Patrick Donohoe said Mr. Carson is very wrong as he had been training female soldiers over the years, and they have been excellent. He chipped that he hoped the presenter would have a change of heart and apologize to all female US soldiers because without them where he would be today.