The benefit of wearing an antipollution mask when running

The cardiovascular benefits of running are well known. However, running in the city now poses a new health risk. Pollution and smog are on the increase, and breathing these toxic fumes can be very harmful to your health. In addition, according to experts, poor air quality in cities is responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths around the world.

What is an anti-pollution mask for running?

A pollution mask for running is a specially designed face mask to filter the fumes and harmful particles that are often caused by the high volume of traffic on our roads. They can be used to cover both the nose and the mouth, but can also cover only the mouth or only the nose. These masks are generally suitable for adult and child use. They are also easy to maintain, so the right mask should last you a long time.

The benefit of wearing an antipollution mask

The effectiveness of an anti-pollution mask is difficult to measure because no one can predict how much running without it will affect you. There is, however, clear evidence that they work and are beneficial for anyone exposed to pollution. Anti-pollution masks are designed to block particles harmful to health. This includes all airborne particles such as dust, pollen, soot, and smoke and they can also be liquid materials such as vapor and rain. A racing pollution mask does not always block 100% of all particles in the air, and some studies show that the smallest particles will not be filtered out. Since a mask will always increase the quality of the air you breathe, it will make exercise easier and help you stay healthier. The mask can also protect you from inhaling very cold air in winter, which can help you avoid cough and breathing problems. Although, you can also just wear a scarf on your face.