Some tips before having sex

Whether we are young or not, we always have feelings that tend towards sexuality. For a young person or novice who wants to start, what should he know? This will be the subject of our development.

Make sneaky hints well before you act

Although spontaneity is often praised, creating sexual tension well before the act can lead to a very exciting tête-à-tête. If you're hesitating, check out our important source for further refreshment. You won't regret those hours of waiting. "Give your partner a long kiss in the morning, send a playful text during the day or greet their arrival with a teasing wink," advises Sarah Hunter Murray, a sex and couples therapist. Something that hints that something might be in the works, giving your imagination time to run wild and your body time to feel a little uncomfortable.

Keep condoms on hand

Of course, it's important not to take risks during sex, which often means safe sex. Before you get into a serious relationship, always have condoms on hand so you're prepared, advises Sonny Rogers, clinical sexologist and certified sex educator. "It's important to know how to place a condom on your partner's penis," he adds. "I always recommend buying wide condoms because the difference between regular condoms and wide condoms is really minimal."

Keep the lube close to the bed

Lube, she says, is "another bedside table essential" that should always be on hand. She recommends investing in "a nice pump bottle that you can put by the bed that allows you to heat up the lube and let it flow directly into your hands without having to search for the right tube," which often ruins the mood.
Pay attention to the details
Add personal touches to create the right atmosphere: a favorite playlist, dim lights, scented candles - anything that can help make the moments that come up more enjoyable," she continues.