Learn More About Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are very exciting animals, but very dangerous for humans, because their size and their environment of the past make them wild and therefore it is impossible to domesticate them. Nature itself has taken care of wiping them off the map and completely extinguishing the species. But do you know exactly how the events unfolded? In the following lines, you will learn more about the disappearance of the dinosaurs. 

How were they exterminated ?

Read this full report for more details. Scientists have analyzed the data of the remains at their disposal and their conclusion was unanimous. These animals were victims of a purely random phenomenon. A comet several kilometers long hit the earth with so much force and energy that even the dinosaurs could not resist. 

In fact, after the shock many other natural phenomena followed. First, the shock caused a huge crater, wiping out many regions and their animal populations. Then, tsunamis were generated and they drowned and destroyed the life in the oceans. 

To top it all off, extinct volcanoes woke up and their activities (eruptions) created thick clouds of ash in the sky. This ash made the sky dark for days, so the plants that practice photosynthesis disappeared. This led to the death of the herbivorous dinosaur species. Then the carnivores died out because there were no animals to eat. 

Did you know that we come from these animals ? 

It is true that the comet wiped out all life on earth at once. Miraculously, there were residues that were able to develop and separate to create the wave as we know it now. You may have noticed that there are some animals in our pool that look very much like prehistoric animals. 

Crocodiles are one of those animals that have been able to adapt for centuries to the variations of the climate. The shark, as we know, it has an ancestor called the megalodon. This animal was one of the kings of the oceans.