How can people be infected by Ebola virus?

Ebola virus is one of the most fatal viruses. Its contamination can be done very quickly. Below are some ways that facilitate the transmission of Ebola virus.

Direct contact

Ebola virus can be transmitted through blood. As you know Ebola virus is very contagious and be in contact with the blood of someone who has this virus can be dangerous. For example, if someone who catches this virus is injured in a part if his or her body, by helping that person you are in contact with his or her blood. You can be sure to catch this disease. That is why it is advised for people who work at hospital to wear protective clothes. It can include mask and gloves. It helps to reduce the transmission. Find out more ways to be healthy on

Indirect contact

Ebola virus can be transmitted indirectly. It can be by objects. Or for example in a case of burial ceremony, when people who are in mourning are in contact with the body of the dead who already get the virus, there is a high risk for them to catch this virus. You can easily be contaminated at the office if you work with people who get this virus. It can be transmitted from patient to a doctor. It can be also transmitted if you are in an area in which they are body fluids of someone contaminated. The transmission of this virus is very quick. So, it is important to be in a safe area.

Infected animals

Animals easily get this virus. You can be infected through animals. The most dangerous are rats, mousses. If those animals are infected, once in contact with them you can get that virus. It means that if they are in contact with your clothes, dishes and whatever you use in your daily life you can be infected. The most frequent transmission is eating infected animals. So be careful about what you eat.