Exploring Quintana Roo in 2022

There are countless famous travel destinations in the world, but one of the most beloved regions surely is Mexico. Did you know that 40 million foreign travelers arrive in Mexico each year? Visitors love virgin nature, rich history and tasty local cuisine. In addition, the country houses the most incredible beaches in the world, hidden jewels and party destinations.

Quintana Roo: a beautiful state.

If you want to visit Mexico, one of the best places is the beautiful state of Quintana Roo. Quintana Roo If you travel through Mexico, you will discover Quintana Roo in the Yucatan Peninsula, and you will see many beautiful blue seas it circle it. Quintana Roo has become a famous tourist destination in 1902. . You will find the notorious destination of Cancun. For more information, click visitax.eu 

Millions of people visit Cancun every year - especially between summer months - because this region is home to incredible beaches, nightlife and international cuisine. In addition, Tulum is based in Quintana Roo, and it's an incredibly popular tourist place with many Mayan ruins and colonial architecture. Some of Mexico's most famous dishes come from Quintana Roo, and this is where you will find tasty tacos and everything you can imagine from a Mexican heaven.

Quintana Roo attracts tourists

It is not surprising that Quintana Roo attracts more than 4 million people each year. People will come from all corners of the planet. If you want a diversified mix of celebration, nature and food, you will have trouble seeing better than Quintana Roo, and you will also find incredible vacation benefits. Would you like to visit Quintana Roo 2022 if so, before planning your flight and going to Mexico, there is something vital that you need to know! From April 1, 2022, any foreign visitor coming to Quintana Roo will have to pay a tourist tax. You can pay the Mexico tourist tax on our website. Remember that this Cancun airport tax is mandatory. Like the Canadian AVE is mandatory to visit Canada, Visitax is mandatory to leave Quintana Roo.