I know this might seem like a generic topic, because every day on the internet, you get news or reports on someone whose account has been hacked or someone who has been robbed. Because of this very reason, a couple of people have decided not to make any form of online transaction. How to Protect your Devices There […]

Why use a mini laptop?

Thousands of computer equipments are put on sale on the market every day. Among these are the mini laptops that offer multiple benefits to users. Discover in this article the reasons why you should choose these types of computers. Portability and cost Mini laptops are very small and easily transportable devices. They are very convenient as they take […]

Uber and Lyft to exchange information on suspended drivers. Transports app services

Transport applications are trying to collaborate on information gathering on drivers. This is because of the rising cases of sexual violations.¬† Uber and Lyft to collaborate on data sharing¬† Uber and Lyft have agreed to share data about drivers suspended from their websites due to safety and sexual-related cases. Both firms said that the scheme will be given […]