4 steps on wearing a durag

Durags are designed hair accessories that are made for the use of the head. Some people can easily wear a durag due to the fact that they are used to it. But as for those who are just buying a durag for the first time, it will be difficult to wear it. Notwithstanding, you are at the right place where you will know who to wear a durag. This article will give you some steps on wearing durags.

Place it on your head

You might be wondering why talking about steps in wearing common hair accessories. The truth is that you won’t be able to properly wear a durag if you don’t follow the right steps. Accept if you tend to wear it in any way. That’s why you have to follow the right steps. And the first thing to do is to place the durag on your head. To know more about durags, click to investigate. So far durag is a hair accessory; it then has to be placed on the head where it will be used. Once placed on the head, you have to ensure it’s well placed. Especially the durag seam, It has to be outside. Make sure you center the seam in the way that it lays above your eyebrows center.

Stay in front of a mirror

After the first step, you should make sure you tie your durag while looking in a mirror. Mirrors are accessories that help us to view our reflexes. So, for you not to make mistakes in fixing the durag, you have to monitor what you’re doing by using the mirror.

Put the ties backward

For you to tie your durag, you firstly have to pull it frontward for you to be able to see what you’re doing. But when you finish the tie, you now have to pull it backward. The tips are not meant to be in front. It has to be backward.

Make another knot forward

When you want to wear a durag, you will have to make some series of ties. After the backward knots are done, you will have to do another tie forward.