3 tips for buying a folding plow

The plow makes plowing and snow removal easy. For a perfect work, the cutting depth of the disc is essential. It has a major impact on the overall crop yield. Here are 3 tips for buying a folding plow.

Blade Diameter

The working depth of your disc is the first thing to consider (the diameter of the blade). Visit https://www.erowz.se to learn more. Over the years, rigorous tillage experts have found that the ideal cutting depth under normal operating conditions is about 25% of the blade diameter. For example, for a 32″ blade, the depth of cut is about 8″. But for a 26″ blade, the depth of cut is about 6.5″. Once you've calculated the optimal tillage depth, set your blade to that depth using the depth controls.

Weight per blade

While it may be tempting to jump right into the field after setting the tillage depth, there are other factors to consider. For example, the more weight a blade carries, the deeper it will cut, regardless of diameter. The weight per blade is calculated by dividing the weight of the blade by the number of blades. Do a short test in an area similar to where you will be plowing and measure the depth of the blade furrow. If the groove is deeper than a quarter of the blade diameter, there is too much weight on the blade. Relieve the pressure by reducing the depth of the soil with the depth controls. If it is too shallow, increase the pressure by increasing the tillage depth.

Blade Angle

Like weight per blade, blade angle affects soil working depth. Specifically, setting the blades at a sharp angle increases blade penetration, while a shallow angle decreases penetration. When making adjustments to account for weight per blade, consider adjusting the blade angle as well. Continue to make adjustments and perform tests until the disc groove measures one-quarter the diameter of the blade.